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We Have The Perfect Tool for Promoting Your Auto Dealership!

Now, You can put this tool to work with our affordably- priced VIDEO Commercial!  Just imagine the business you’ve worked so hard to build represented in video by an equally top-quality, on-camera spokesperson, positioning your business ahead of your competition — at a price you can easily afford. 

This customized Dealership-specific, video commercial will feature:

  • A message about the importance of choosing and using the best auto dealership 
  • Your business name
  • A Photo, of your showroom or dealership behind our spokesperson
  • Your phone number throughout
  • Your website URL
  • A verbal call-to-action

Please Note: Once payment is complete, you will simply send us your changeable text* and photo, and we will send you the finished, customized file of your commercial, ready to insert into your digital promotional strategies:

Promote Your Business With Your Video on Your WebsitePromote Your Business With Your Video on FacebookPromote Your Business With Your Video on TwitterPromote Your Business With Your Video on InstagramPromote Your Business With Your Video on YouTubePromote Your Business With Your Video on linkedinPromote Your Business With Your Video on PinterestPromote Your Business With Your Video in email

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  • Website to get superior, geo-targeted search engine placement
  • Facebook for more “Likes” and “Shares” for viral impact
  • Twitter for increased audience size
  • Instagram for greater business-to-business connections
  • YouTube channel for easy linking in emails 
  • And more

Why is ASBM-TV Offering to Create Your Car Dealership Commercial So Cost-Effectively? 

Car Dealer Spokesmodel CommercialWe are just introducing this nationwide, and we are rolling this out to small business owners who want to move ahead with their digital promotional strategies.

We can help, and we want to help you.

And frankly, we are looking for new clients — those we have never had the pleasure of working alongside before, but to be fair, we can only extend this offer to either you or one of your local market competitors.[su_spacer size=”20″]

actnow340We look forward to doing business with you, but we can’t hold these low introductory prices very long, due to the demand on our production facilities. Our discounted pricing is introductory, yet temporary. This price will be increasing to the full retail price soon, without notice. Don’t risk missing miss out on this limited offer! [su_spacer size=”20″]


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